A message from Preb Alison

These are the words of this year’s 60second sermon on Christmas
Day. They are adapted from an anonymous Argentinian poem called
Che Jesus written in the 1970s –

Jesus why is it that you seem to come back to be born every
You must be crazy! . . . or perhaps you’re trying to tell us something:
That the message of God’s love and grace needs to take root in each of our hearts.
That we need to change selfishness for love.
That we need to learn what it means to be brothers and sisters.
That we need to be serious about fighting for those without bread, education, freedom, and dignity.
That there is a message that’s called the Good News, and a Church, and that’s us –
A Church that should be servant of all,
a Church that knows that because God became human one Christmas,
there is no other way to love Him but to love all people.
If that’s the way it is, Jesus, come to my house,
Come to my country,
Come to the world of humanity.
And first of all, come to my heart.