February’s Message from Preb Alison

Why is Easter so late this year? I’ve been asked on numerous occasions already this year. I find myself explaining that it is to do with the way Passover is calculated and that in turn brings astonishment because people don’t connect Jesus with Judaism and the Last Supper being the Passover meal. But facts apart, on reflection I think people are asking the question not because they want a factual answer but because somehow Easter, in the back of peoples’ minds, is associated with hope and new life, the beginning of warmth and the end of early darkness.
I’ve never been a great lover of January and February with low dark skies and not so many hours of sunshine – some people actual suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. It seems to me that when negative things happen during these months feelings of despair and loneliness can be multiplied. Often this can be further hampered by the season of Lent as we give up things which can be a comfort to us – so, being positive, at least this year Lent falls in March!
So, what can we do when the skies are grey and the sun seems to have left us and it’s cold? Here are my tips! When you can’t leave the house, dust off your Bible and read a Gospel from beginning to end. When you turn the lights on as it gets dark, pray for those who truly are living in darkness. Invite someone to come with you to craft group, bereavement café, baby or toddler group at St Luke’s Centre. Can you continue the list?
It’s another 11 weeks until Easter… so let’s lighten peoples’ lives as we travel towards that great festival of hope, and in lightening others I pray we might find a bit of light ourselves.