Message from Preb Alison

This is a letter I’ve been meaning to write for over a month now… but finding the computer has been a problem!

A huge thank you to you all for my wonderful send off at the end of July and your generous gifts. The whole weekend was more than I could have dared hope for and I was overwhelmed by the sense of love and friendship. As the saying goes “Missing you already!”

It has been an odd transitional time – packing to leave one home and community where most people know you (or have at least heard of you) and move into a new house where no one knows you. So far we’ve managed to keep our previous identities a secret!

Unpacking has kept us very busy and we still have no curtains! Andrew has already embarked on some hobbies, but I am taking things slowly and waiting to see where God leads me next.

My time with you in Deane Vale was very special and I continue to thank God for you, praying too that the right person to be your next incumbent is just waiting for that advert in the Church Times!

Go well, be kind to each other and give thanks to our amazing God daily!
With love and thanks,
Alison of Bath and Wells